Diabetes awareness survey reveals alarming figures across the Middle East and Northern Africa regions



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Prostate cancer vaccine improves disease-free survival.
Procalcitonin may help guide antibiotic therapy for pneumonia.
Hormone therapy not linked to age-related macular degeneration.

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UK pharma body reinstates Abbott, further review of conduct within six months.
ICD market could take longer to rebound: analysts.
Lexapro patent win sends Forest shares surging.

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"Precooling" before exercise helps beat the heat.
Diabetes linked to higher glaucoma risk for women.
Shingles pain eased with two-pronged therapy.

New drug regulatory norms on cards
Taro Pharma tells shareholders to keep Sun away
Human clinical trials must be registered
DRL seeks USFDA help to make cancer drug clone
Govt likely to cap retail price of swine flu drug
children die after taking paracetamol in Bangladesh
Defensive pharma funds race ahead in optimistic mkt
US retail sales rise more than expected
‘India’s drug regulator can’t be in isolation’
Man who decoded life atom-by-atom
NRI gets jail in $200m healthcare scam
MHA to come up with Manipur action plan
Parents try to burn alive HIV-positive son in Gujarat
Surrogacy gives birth to NEW HOPE
Now, Tamiflu at city chemists 28 Medicine Shops In Delhi To Stock The Swine Flu Drug
A clinical eye
‘Immortality enzyme’ wins US trio Nobel
‘Pied piper’ the switch to turn off cancer?
CONSUMER WATCH Expensive foreign drugs off safety, legal ambit
Cheaper HIN1 test kit soon
India fails boric acid test due to quantity checks on imports: US